Conference about The Link at the University of Zaragoza

Escrito por NLC. Publicado en News in English.


Dr. Núria Querol, head of Spain’s GEVHA Link coalition and a representative of the National Link Coalition, and Dr. José Enrique Zaldívar, from AVATMA (Association of Veterinarians for the Abolition of Bullfighting and Animal Abuse,
were invited by Amnistía Animal to give two lectures at the University of Zaragoza in October. Dr. Querol spoke about The Link, recent studies, and introduced SAF-T and Spain’s Freedom Paws Link Program.
The audience included representatives from APDA (Asociación de Policías por la Defensa Animal: Association of Police Officers for the Defense of Animals) and several political parties including Congressman Chesús Yuste who believes The Link must be part of the political agenda.