Animal Abuser Directories Take Hold

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Nine states have proposed legislation to create animal abuser registries so far in 2013. The proposed animal abuser registries require that persons 18 years of age or older who are convicted on felony animal cruelty charges register with their state’s primary law enforcement agency. These convicted animal abusers are required to provide their date of birth, social security number, current address or location, place of employment and the animal cruelty offense for which they were convicted.

They may also be required to produce fingerprints, a photograph and a description of any tattoos, scars or other distinguishing features. Public access to information about animal abusers is intended as a means of protection for companion animals and other animals who may be at risk of abuse from past offenders. It will also allow shelters to ensure that they are not adopting out animals to convicted animal abusers and will allow the police to check for prior convictions if they have a report of new animal abuse. 

The following are links to the animal abuser registry bills introduced in state legislatures this year:

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