Convicted pet torturer and sexual sadist Kayla Bourque talked of target 'types'

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Someone weak, vulnerable but strong enough to fight back 'a little'Convicted pet torturer and sexual sadist Kayla Bourque talked of target 'types' 

The province has issued a public warning about Kayla Bourque. Bourque, 23, is five-foot-four and weighs 130 pounds. She is slender with brown eyes and black hair. She plans on living in the City of Vancouver. Bourque has an escalating criminal history. She has offended violently against both people and animals and is considered high risk to re-offend.


Photograph by: Submitted , Ministry of Justice, Corrections Branch

— The person Kayla Bourque is likely to target would be someone weak and vulnerable who can be overpowered, but also someone strong enough "to fight back a little," according to court documents on the convicted animal torturer living in Vancouver.

The documents say the 23-year-old doesn't have a specific target in mind, but has a "type of victim" she could hurt if the opportunity presents itself.

In 2006, Bourque told police in her hometown of Prince George that she planned to kill before she turned 40, with "the primary target being someone under the age of 14, as such a person would be easy to overpower," said an RCMP report referenced in search warrant documents.

Bourque was released from jail Monday after serving time for killing her family pets.

On the same day, the B.C. Corrections Branch issued an extraordinary public warning about Bourque, who was diagnosed with a number of personality disorders, including psychopathology and narcissism.

She is also a sexual sadist who feels no remorse, but can't be certified under the Mental Health Act because she isn't considered psychotic.

Court documents show there have been troubling signs of Bourque's violent tendencies dating to her childhood in Prince George.

Bourque, who spent her first eight months in a Romanian orphanage, told police she had fantasized about killing people since age 11 or 12. She admitted to hurting other kids at school and summer camp.

There were also allegations she pushed a pin into a high-school classmate's forehead and encouraged another student to stab another student with a knitting needle.

She told a classmate at Simon Fraser University, where she studied criminology, that she used to squish frogs to hear them scream, and decapitated the neighbours' cats when she was growing up.

Furthermore, she said she killed her family's cats and a dog, and dismembered them.

She also confided that when she first arrived in Vancouver, she stalked alleys for homeless people to kill, but decided against it because there were too many people around. She also admitted to thinking about killing a drunk roommate.

The classmate later contacted police.

Const. Brian Montague said Vancouver police's high-risk offender unit is monitoring Bourque.

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Bourque is subject to 46 court-ordered conditions, including:

• Not to leave her residence between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. seven days a week except for the purposes of obtaining emergency medical treatment and except with the prior written permission of a probation officer.

• Not to associate with any person under the age of 18.

• Not to attend any public school, parks, playgrounds, public swimming pools, areas adjacent to the swimming pools or any other locations where it can reasonably be expected that persons under the age of 18 are likely to be present.

• Not to possess any computer or device or telecommunication device capable of accessing the Internet.

• Not to access to any social-networking sites.

• Attend, participate in, and complete the B.C. Corrections Branch core programs.

• Attend and participate in psychiatric/psychological assessments, counselling or educational programming as may be directed and to the satisfaction of a probation officer.

• Immediately advise her probation officer of any close, intimate, familiar or familial relationships and refrain from continuing such a relationship until that person has been advised of criminal record and background in the presence of a probation officer.

• Not to engage in any areas of study, employment or volunteer work involving contact with any animals or any vulnerable person which includes but is not limited to the elderly, person under the age of 18, the infirm or persons with physical or mental disabilities.

• Not to attend any college or university or enrol in any post-secondary courses.

• Not to possess any weapons as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada including firearms, imitation firearms, ammunition, crossbows or explosive substance, or any related authorization, licenses, permits or registration certificates in relation to those.

• Not to possess any knives or other bladed instruments except for the immediate preparation and consumption of food, for the actual course of lawful employment and only at the sites of such employment.

• Prohibited from owning, having custody or control of or residing in any premises where animals or birds are present.

• Not to attend any campus or property occupied by Simon Fraser University including any adjacent parking lots or student residences.

According to a Justice Ministry spokesperson, Bourque will be the subject of “intensive monitoring” by the Vancouver Police Department high-risk offender unit and the B.C. Corrections Branch.

Read the chilling details contained in the RCMP's application for a search warrant below:

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