Canadian ‘Serial Killer in the Making’ to be Released on Probation

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Canadian ‘Serial Killer in the Making’ to be Released on Probation

A disturbed young woman who doctors describe as a “sexual sadist” is set to be released on probation after spending eight months in custody for torturing and killing her family’s pets. Kayla Bourque, 23, studied criminology at Simon Fraser University and appears to be fascinated by gore and murder. She was adopted from a Romanian orphanage at eight months of age and brought to Prince George, B.C. Now, the judge presiding over her case says her adoptive mother doesn’t want her living at home.

Bourque told a friend at her SFU dorm that she had dismembered cats in Prince George, including her family’s cat, and fantasized about killing a homeless person. The student informed school authorities who phoned police. Investigators discovered a video of Bourque disemboweling and hanging her family’s dog while describing what she was doing. They also found what was described in reports as a “kill kit”: a bag containing a 7-inch knife, a razor blade, zip ties, garbage bags, a needle and a mask. She was arrested in March and pleaded guilty in October to killing or injuring an animal, causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and possessing a knife. She has spent six months in custody, and Judge Malcolm Maclean ordered that she remain behind bars for another two months so that authorities have time to plan the conditions of her release.

As part of her three-year probation, Bourque is prohibited from accessing the internet, associating with anyone under 18 or possessing  duct tape, needles or knives. She will be required to detail her charges to anyone who visits her at her residence, and no guests are allowed to remain between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Bourque is also banned from owning a pet for the rest of her life.

killa berserkKayla Bourque a.k.a Killa Berserk. Photo: Vampire Freaks

Bourque uses several nicknames online, including Murderotica and Killa Berserk. On the Gothic social hub Vampire Freaks, Bourque has posted some her horrorcore rap lyrics, written from the perspective of a serial killer. The song “Primal Kill” begins with the words “I’m stalking in the darkness, searching for my prey/A pretty little victim, bitch it’s time to play/Too fat, too sure, too many, not f*cking young enough/It has to be ideal when that bitch gets snuffed.” She prefaces the song with the disclaimer, “it is from a male perspective so don’t sh*t a brick.” Bourque states in her profile on Vampire Freaks that she’s never been comfortable with her female identity but “grew up too scared to do anything about it.”

Though she achieved good grades at school and university, and has been called “intelligent and articulate” by Judge Maclean, Bourque had trouble at school and did not thrive socially. In high school, Bourque admitted to having an urge to ”kill someone” and was expelled for a violent incident. “What we had here was arguably a serial killer in the making,” said Robert Gordon, Bourque’s former criminology professor. “It was an outstanding case, probably the worst one I’ve ever come across.”

Bourque has had an interest in serial killers and murder since a young age; the background of her Myspace page is a collage of famous serial murderers. On her Vampire Freaks profile, Bourque lists her “idiosyncracies,” including erotophonophilia (sexual arousal caused by the death of a human being) and necrophilia. She also lists the various “diagnonsenses” she’s received over the years, sexual sadism and major depression among them. She also lists her Myers-Briggs personality type (ENTP or ENTJ) and claims to be able to “enter a trance state at will.”

Bourque is set to be released in under two months.

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