Dr. Nuria Querol i Vinas awarded with Premio Huella de Oro

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GEVHA (Grupo para el Estudio de la Violencia Hacia Humanos y Animales) reports that “Criminología y Justicia,” the first Spanish‐speaking bulletin regarding criminology and justice, has decided to include an ongoing section regarding violence against animals. The first page was launched several weeks ago.
Dr. Nuria Querol i Vinas, founder of GEVHA, also announces that she has been awarded the prestigious Premio Huello de Oro Footprint III Gold Award from the Asociación Nacional de Amigos de los Animales for being the most committed communicator regarding the protection of animals. The award was created to support and thank personalities from the worlds of culture, entertainment, media and associations, and their work, dedication and engagement in the world of animal protection and the "footprint" they have made in the fight against animal abuse and neglect.
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