Wales Defines Animal Abuse as Aspect of Domestic Violence

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The National Assembly for Wales in the United Kingdom has passed the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Bill. The measure, strongly supported by the RSPCA Cymru working closely with the Welsh Government and Assembly Members during its legislative journey, sought acknowledgement and action for issues related to pets in abusive situations. Claire Lawson of the RSPCA tells the LINK-Letter that the Welsh government subsequently included a specific reference to pets in documentation linked to the bill. This provision extends the definition of abuse: violence perpetrated against victim’s pets could potentially constitute abuse against the victim herself. The bill achieved Royal Assent and became an Act on April 29. “It will be unique in the UK, not least of all because of the recognition within the guidance regarding the part pets play,” says Lawson. In the United States, seven states include acts of violence against animals that are intended to intimidate or control an intimate partner within the definition of domestic violence: Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, and Tennessee.
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