NCOVAA Meeting Summary

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NCOVAA Executive Board Meeting

The board meeting began with introductions and a brief discussion of the day’s sessions. Based on the discussion in each session, members were asked to identify three priority areas for which we will convene work groups. Action Item: It was agreed that a committee led by Michelle Welch will draft standard operating procedures for the coalition. Committee members include: Michelle Welch Lisa Lunghofer Chris Brosan George W. Harding, IV

FBI/UCR-NIBRS Implementation and Challenges Round Table: Mary Lou Randour from the Animal Welfare Institute and Lisa Lunghofer from the Animals and Society Institute led this round table, which began with a review of the NIBRS definition and data values for animal cruelty. The group then discussed how to implement this new category in NIBRS with the two major professional groups that will be responsible for its implementation: 1) the approximately 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and 2) the patchwork of agencies that respond to animal cruelty calls, including humane societies, SPCAs, municipal and county animal control agencies, and state departments of agriculture. Ms. Drema Foch, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), FBI participated in the session and will be the “point person” at CJIS during the implementation process. It was noted that systematic outreach to and training of the NIBRScertified LEAs would be necessary. All NIBRS data must be submitted by LEAs; however, an interagency agreement may facilitate the reporting of data from a non-LEA agency to an LEA agency. This is one possible strategy for local humane societies and animal control officers to report animal cruelty incidents to LEAs for inclusion in NIBRS. Action Item: A work group was formed to outline specific strategies for facilitating information sharing between LEAs and humane societies and animal control organizations.

Work group members include:

Mary Lou Randour
Lisa Lunghofer
Phil Arkow
Howard Lawrence
Kathryn Destreza
Kyle Held
Katherine Darke
Madeleine Bertnstein
Nuria Querol 
Ann Cynoweth
Drema Fouch

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