Working Together for Animal Welfare Newly Developed Partnership: Bernalillo Sheriff Department and Animal Care Services

Escrito por APMN. Publicado en Formación de Cuerpos Policiales.

Animal Protection of New Mexico applauds Bernalillo County Animal Care Services Director, Matthew Pepper, and Bernalillo County Sheriff Office's Lieutenant, Andi Taylor, on their collaboration resulting in the creation of new programs that promise assistance to Bernalillo County animals suffering from negligence and/or abuse.


Lt. Andi Taylor; Matthew Pepper, Director of Bernalillo County Animal Care Department.

The newly created Pro-active Enforcement Team (PET) assists the agencies in identifying, responding to and addressing animal cruelty through increased communication and pro-active monitoring in high-call volume areas of the county.

In addition Director Pepper and Lt. Taylor provided instruction on recognizing and successfully investigating animal neglect and cruelty to all Bernalillo County Sheriff Patrol Deputies. These mandated sessions provided information on several topics including:
  • How to recognize and respond to certain animal behaviors
  • The LINK between animal cruelty and assaultive behaviors against people
  • The complications related to animal abuse in domestic violence situations
    and the ability of attending officers to press animal abuse charges even if the human victims drop the domestic abuse charge out of fear of their
  • State statutes and County ordinances involving animals
  • Dog and cock fighting investigation, prosecution and the connection to
    other crimes typically associated with these activities.
  • The influence of owners and environments that create vicious behavior in
    dogs versus stereotyping by breed
  • The dangers and cruelty involved in keeping a dog on a chain

The training sessions, which began in early December of 2011, have already proven to have positive effects. Animal Control Officer, Ryan Garrett, was called to a residence where a severely neglected dog’s owner refused to provide necessary veterinary treatment for the dog. With the assistance of Deputy L. Daily, a search warrant was obtained and the dog was seized and transported for medical attention. In her report Deputy Daily credited her "…training and experience through the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Regional Training Academy and additional training with the Bernalillo Animal Care Department…." for assisting her in successfully responding to this incident.

In a separate case, Deputy S. Fullam responded to a call involving a perpetrator shooting a small, brown Chihuahua mix because "…the dog barked when I came out my door..." Deputy A. Neas, assisting Deputy Fullam, administered first aid and kept the dog from going into shock until Animal Control Officers arrived and transported the dog for veterinary care. The little dog survived because of the quick response and emergency care administered by the officer. Deputy Neas, graciously, is fostering the Chihuahua during his recovery.

The collaborative efforts that have developed between the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and Bernalillo County Animal Care Services demonstrate a much-needed model for law enforcement and animal care agencies throughout the state.

APNM is proud and excited about the strong presence of Bernalillo County agencies involved in animal welfare issues and looks forward to strengthening this collaboration in the name of protecting animals in central New Mexico.

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